STAR SEED NIGERIA LIMITED was founded in 2003 as an entrepreneurial venture aiming to become the leading supplier of sesame seeds in the international trading market. Based on an experience for over 25 years, STAR SEED NIG. LTD started their export operations during the season 2003/2004 in the sesame seeds business, their field of expertise.


Our vision is to achieve market leadership in each of the markets we serve. We will earn this leadership by providing our customers with high quality and cost effective products.
Basing all operations on a premium quality service, we will try our best to ensure the satisfaction of all customers and establish confidence in both our products and services. Reliability of our services starts from the first contact and continues to the final delivery of the consignment.


Our customer supply chain is based on quality and is reflected in the following points.

1- QUALITY SELECTION: Nigerian sesame seeds come from different parts of the country. Its characteristics differ from one area to another in terms of seed color, size, shape, oil content and taste. Our quality control team conducts a strict inspection of the raw material before the purchase in order to select the finest seeds that would guarantee the customer satisfaction.

2- QUALITY PROCESSING: In the Nigerian market where most of the companies exporting sesame seeds count mainly on manual cleaning done by women, we stand among the competition by setting higher standards and differentiating our sesame seed by using ONLY modern machineries to complete the cleaning.
In addition, Nigerian sesame seeds are usually purchased from the farms containing high amounts of impurities such as stems, stones, sand and plant residues. This renders the cleaning requirements difficult and manually not feasible. In fact, high level of impurities remain in manual cleaning and the final product is not acceptable in the international market. Only advanced machineries are able to deliver a good quality product up to the international standard. We at STAR SEED NIG. LTD can provide our customers with sesame seeds with a purity up to 99.5% guaranteed.

3- QUALITY SERVICE: In the commodity market, prices fluctuate every day and expectations are not always correct. Therefore, delivery on time is one of the prime concerns of all customers. For this reason and in order to avoid any delays, we have set up two large scale cleaning plants with a daily capacity of 120 MT/day. Hence, whatever the order size is we can deliver promptly and on time and assure the customer's satisfaction by:
- meeting their delivery terms
- fulfilling their business needs
- securing their future purchases
- establishing confidence in the source of supply